Artificial Intelligence

In every business, there is complexity that needs to be handled. Artificial Intelligence breaks all the hurdles and offers a more convenient business environment. At ZAPRIFY, we cover all possible areas that use AI and render the best AI solutions, with comprehensive learning tools and capabilities.

Machine Learning

The fact that machine learning is already pervasive, is undeniable. It is the most common form of AI used in many organizations to decipher problems and find solutions. In simple words, it is machines using unstructured data and images to find patterns in them and offer solutions on their own. Every business needs ML in its own way. Right from product recommendations to video surveillance, there's contribution of ML in everything. We provide customised ML systems to enhance your business as per your needs. We use tools like TensorFlow and PyTorch for developing ML solutions.

Computer Vision

It is basically, training a computer to see digital images, interpret data from them and react accordingly just the way a human eye does. In many cases like tracking your customers, detecting theft, managing quality and a lot more, CV has a massive impact. In all the prominent industries, there is a need for progressive Computer Vision applications. If you think incorporating CV in any of your business sectors is the current need, ZAPRIFY is a one stop destination. With deep learning technologies and Open CV, we offer high-class CV solutions.

Natural Language Processing

It deals with machines processing human text and speech. Receiving the language input, understanding the data and generating output in the same language, is NLP in short. All of these together, used for a valuable purpose in a business becomes a boon. For best NLP solutions, ZAPRIFY is the right place.

Bot Development

Right from finding the need of the customer in the beginning, till the stage of customer retention, everything is now taken care of by automated and trained bots. Customer support, product suggestions, discount offers and churn prevention are the major cases where business would need bots. Zaprify provides customized chatbots for ll kinds of industries like education, healthcare, finance, travel, which is the need of the hour. We use ERAS and RASA for building these conversational AI systems. We have a team of certified RASA developers with us to facilitate the standard of the service delivered.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the new frontier in business, and we’ve got the team that can help get you there. We’re a cybersecurity company located in India that offers a variety of high-tech security options to businesses and consumers alike with regular round-the-clock support. Cybersecurity protects computers by monitoring networks for indications of attacks, such as malicious software (malware) or intrusions. If an attack is detected, the cybersecurity technology can block access, or even remove the malware.

At its core, Cyber Security relies on the idea of threat detection. A threat detection system first identifies suspicious occurrences with regard to data or the system itself and then determines whether that suspicious activity is benign or malicious based on prior criteria. If the system is suspicious of a specific combination of data points, it can then raise an alert to be investigated by our staff.

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